Nnamdi Kanu: Aisha Buhari Lives in Exile in Dubai

Why addressing the issues of Buhari being dead or alive Mazi Nnamdi Kanu added the fact that the only thing that could make Aisha Buhari to still be in exile in Dubai is the fact that Buhari is dead and gone.

Nnamdi Kanu: Aisha Buhari Lives in Exile in Dubai

Lies may expire but TRUTH is eternal. This type of nonsense (mask wearing Buhari body double) can only happen in #Africa. Those defending this lie that @MBuhari is still alive, including Facebook and AFP Fact-Check, are worse than slave merchants & colonialists combined. They are responsible for the climate of lawlessness & anarchy bedevilling #Nigeria today.

Tell me how #Nigeria or indeed the rest of black Africa can expect to be regarded as civilised when we allow the prevalence of such a travesty that insult the senses.

If @mbuhari is alive, why is Aisha Buhari the First Lady living in exile in Dubai? Isn’t this enough to alert the populace that all is not well in Aso Rock.

Which other president in the history of Nigeria did the wife abscond to live in another country when that president is still alive? A simple question defenders of this abominable iniquity can never answer. God is watching all of you.


What is the difference?

The difference here is way way too much. I think the Cabals, even though the the truth has been brought to the open, are too proud or should I say scared to admit to the fact that Buhari is long dead. But their eyes will soon clear which by God’s grace through MNK, the world will come to agree to the fact that IMPOSTORS has long been placed on Nigerians to lord over them. “Felix Amaechi

One day the cabals may pronounce the Mannequin dead cos it’s becoming more noticeable that they are kidding themselves all this while with the death of M.buhari. we are watching! nothing is hidden under sun. “Udeh Livyx”

Even nowadays Buhari is changing color like chameleon when he go to Daura he change color , when he comes back to ASO ROCK he change color, when he has meeting with security chiefs he change color, when he meets with Osibanjo he is very younger!! . Presidency there is God ooooooo! There is God ooooooooooooooo!!!. “Iswell Ositadima

Among others!

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