System of Government: Biafra adopts Confederation, a union of equal nations in perpetuity

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Biafra Coat of Arm

Confederation has always been set to be the best system of government for the Biafra Nation. This is to an extent clears the doubts in the mind of those nurturing Biafra to be a Jewish State because of what the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu once said on Israeli TV.

While making it clear on the kind of government Biafra would operate on, Mazi Kanu in his words wrote in part as he shares the Map of Biafra with 25 Provinces.

Map of Biafra: System of Government: Biafra shall adopt Confederation, a union of equal nations in perpetuity

Map of Biafra

“It is my principled stand that #Biafra shall be a secular, democratic & pure Confederation, comprised of the constitutive Nationalities or micro-Nations that are within the territorial space of Biafra. A Union of equal nations in perpetuity.”

“No nationality, not even the majority, will be dominant. There will be no minority ethnic group. Irrespective of size and population, every nationality will be a majority in their own political space.”

“For better understanding, refer to the constitutions of the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland. This is my testament.”

“Purifying the black mind of the vestiges of colonial conquest, defeatism and subjugation such as One Nigeria.”


While looking into the Biafra Map, a social media user who happened to have a knowledge of how Delta should be placed on the map gave a counter opinion which was not well perceived some IPOB member.

Arthur Isaac wrote;

“You got it wrong to have allocated a province to Agbor instead of Kwale or Obiaruku. This shows that you don’t have proper knowledge of delta state.”

“You gave warri province and avoided kwale, Ozoro and Obiaruku that ought to be a province in the centre. Ndokwa is far bigger than the whole Ika.”

By this comment, Mr. Isaac got an awful reply which made him go mad with Biafran quest and the Igbos.

Chioma Queeneth Socciarello Replied;

“Arthur Isaac be matured enough to understand that those ones will come later, Owerri we know is a big city. Use your brain first.”

By this Mr. Isaac had to renounce his involvement in the movement as he wrote;

Chioma Queeneth Socciarello this is my challanges with you ibos that thinks that they know better than others.”

“I pointed out an area of that might bring issues, rather than redress it or we deliberate on to exchange knowledge, you started throwing insults.”

“If biafra must be achieved you must learn to respect people’s opinion and address issues accordingly. This is why most people are not supporting this movement due to this kind of attitude.”

“You always feel that you’re right in all you and do not want someone else to find fault in them so you’re quick to condemn others.”

Mr. Isaac added;

The region I pointed out sustained the federal Government in time when Militants shut down all the oil facilities in the riverine areas. This province alone can sustain biafra without most areas. Asaba and Agbor province can’t stand this province in economic viability, you can inquire about it.

Ndokwa west, East and Ukwuani LGA are too big not to have a province.

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