Biafra: Dokubo a joker, can’t speak for Kalabari people – Group

Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo

A Rivers State based group, Kalabari Unity Forum, KUF,  has described Asari Dokubo’s declaration of ‘De Facto Customary Government of Biafra’ in which he is the leader as a joke taken too far.

KUF, in a statement signed by its spokesman, Nathaniel Ebianga, distanced the entire Kalabari nation from Dokubo’s declaration.

Dokubo is of the Kalabari ethnic stock in Rivers, but the group said his latest adventure has no blessing of his people.

“For the records, our initial response when we saw the said video was to disregard and wave it aside as something coming from a degenerate mind.

“However, upon a deeper consideration, we were compelled to put out this release to inform the public and indeed the youths of Kalabari kingdom that the views expressed in the viral video represent those of Asari Dokubo and not that of the Kalabari kingdom.

“Again, Asari Dokubo is not and cannot be the spokesperson of the Kalabari kingdom.

“We have more responsible, respected and intelligent Chiefs, Men, Women and even Youths that will be mandated to talk on behalf of our people whenever the need arises and certainly not a joker like Asari Dokubo whose only credentials is an ex- militant and former President of Ijaw Youths Congress(IYC), a position he severally used to derail and mislead our youths for his personal/selfish gains. These are negative effects which we are still trying to surmount.

“Dokubo to also know also that these painful truths are still very fresh in our memories, as such we will not allow him deceive our ignorant youths a second time with this selfish voyage orchestrated to further enrich himself.

“Dokubo should know and accept the truth that the Kalabaris are Ijaws of Rivers State in the Federation of Nigeria. Anything to the contrary only exists in his imagination.

“We therefore appeal to the public and indeed the youths of the Kalabari nation not to be persuaded by Asari’s infantile, disingenuous and unpatriotic vituperation.

“We state unequivocally that, ‘no part of Kalabari land will be part of Asari Dokubo’s imaginary government as we remain a part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.’

KUF said it is in support of Minister of Information and Communications, Lai Mohammed’s description of Asari Dokubo as a mere attention seeker.

“In view of the above, no person should in react to the very personal opinion of a mercenary attempt to smear or cast aspersions at the Kalabari nation. We are known to be and have over the years co-inhabited peacefully with all our neighbors in Rivers state”.

Other ethnic nationalities in the Niger Delta had also disowned Dokubo and his Biafra Customary Government.

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